Why Directory Submission?

1. Get one way back-links links.
2. Increase search engine ranking with desire keywords.
3. Increase targeted traffic.
4. Increase google page rank.
5. Get unique visitors.

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Manual Directory Submission Services - Build Your Link Popularity

Directory Submission

Permanent Back-Links That Lead Straight to the Top 10 SEO Rankings!

How? We have a thorough list of top Directories and manually submit them to each of the same. Add to that a completely manual submission process, and you have an error-free, accurate climb to the top of the search engines.

Why should you implement directory submission? Take a look at the advantages:

  • Quick one-way links to your website
  • Continuous link inflow, helping in a constant build-up to the top of the search engines
  • Keyword-targeted search engine rank improvement
  • Relevant link building
  • Improving your brand image and visibility online without any additional investment


Our SEO Friendly General Directory Submission Packages

150 Manual Directory Submissions

Duration: 3 working days
Rate: Only $25 USD

  • Includes 10+ PR 7 and above Directories, 20+ PR 6, 20+ PR 5 & 80+ PR 4 Directories.
  • Submit Manually to Popular 150 Search Engine Friendly Directories with Three Different Titles and Descriptions.

250 Manual Directory Submissions

Duration: 5 working days
Rate: Only $50 USD

  • Includes 10+ PR 7 and above Directories, 20+ PR 6, 20+ PR 5, 80+ PR 4 & 80+ PR 3 Directories.
  • Submit Manually to Popular 250 Search Engine Friendly Directories with Five Different Titles and Descriptions.

500 Manual Directory Submissions

Duration: 7 working days
Rate: Only $75 USD

  • Includes PR 0 to 8 and above Directories.
  • Submit Manually to 500 Search Engine Friendly Directories with Three Different Titles and Descriptions.

1000 Manual Directory Submission

Duration: 10 working days
Rate: Only $150 USD

  • Includes PR 0 to 8 and above Directories.
  • Submit Manually to 1000 Search Engine Friendly Directories with Five Different Titles and Descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions Go Down Amit

Often than not, there are certain questions that may cloud your minds about directory submission. Herein, we discuss some of the FAQs to make our service better known to you...

Q: Why do I need directory listing at all? Or what are the advantages of directory listing?

  • There are multiple benefits of submitting on online directories as far as optimizing your website is concerned -
  • Online directories help your business get submitted in the specific category which in turn helps you to tap into the network of potential customers.
  • Directory Submission is the best way to gain prospective one-way links.
  • Search Engine visibility of a website is largely increased through directory submission. Submission in online directories shall help your site rank higher on the basis of the incoming links. The search engine spiders look for the number of incoming links that your website has. As online directories are the most potent platforms which bring in considerable amount of links to your website, the search engines will easily index it.
  • Directory Submission will not just increase only traffic it  will also help to increase link popularity.

Q: How can Directory Submission Influence My Website's Ranking?

  • It is a known fact that links play a crucial role in determining the organic rank of a website. Thus, obtaining quality back links or incoming links in plenty influence the search engine rankings to the best. Depending on the quality of a particular directory and on the basis of number of back links your website has got, search engines determine the relevance and index your website accordingly.
  • Search Engines look for new listings in online directories. So, the more directories you are listed in, maximum are the chances of gaining better search engine visibility.

Q: What does a directory submission involve? These are some essential aspects that directory submission:

  • Keyword Selection: We put in the researched set of keywords into your site’s description.
  • Title and Description copywriting: We ensure that the title and the description of your categories are illustrated in the best ways to allure the online audience and contain the targeted keywords.
  • Submission and Monitoring: We just do not submit but it is our earnest endeavor to keep a track of the submissions and assess the submission status in different directories. If there are any flaws or errors, we re-submit the entire or update the content as required.
  • Our submission procedures do not involve spamming. The creative and experienced teams of content developers always see to it that the pitch of the content is rightly maintained so that it does not sound too promotional.

Q: How do you undertake directory submission campaign?

  • We strictly restore to manual process of directory submission. We refrain from the practice of automated submission and never use any submission software to submit your website or your web content.

Q: Are all directories in your list SEO Friendly?

  • The lists of directories in our database are constantly verified to assess their search engine compatibility.

Q: Do you submit to all types of directories and sites?

  • Yes, we do submit to all types of sites, only barring those which belong to the categories related to adult content, any illegal issues and the sites promoting violence and hatred.

Q: How long does it take for the links to show up on the directories?

  • This actually varies from one directory to the other. While there are some directories which approve content and provide links within a few days time, some take even a couple of weeks or couple of months.

Q: How do you ensure that my website will be accepted to the directories you have?

  • Since we follow the rules of each directory carefully, it becomes easy for us to get your site listed in the directories. It is also ensured that your site is submitted to the right category in the directories.

Q: How would I confirm your directory submission campaign?

  • We provide utmost clarity to our clients at every bent of the campaign which we undertake on their behalf. For directory submission, we will e-mail you the updates of directory submission per day. The updates will provided to you in an Excel Sheet which will include list of directories submitted on that particular day and the approval links if found instantly.

Q: How many online directories you submit?

  • There is no exact count of directories, but approximately we submit to nearly 1000 online directories. We select the directory sites on the basis their page rank, so as to earn quality links.

Q: What are the payment options? How can I pay?

  • You can pay us through, PayPal or Credit Card and Debit Card. The payment potions are secured as they are encrypted to 125 SSL Technology. After clicking the "Order Now" button to place your order and then you can select the preferred payment option for it.

Availing our services will get your site listed in the best of online directories and in the long run shall enhance your search engine visibility.

We Also Offer Niche Directory, Regional Directory And Dmoz Submission Packages

And now we arrive at niche and regional directory submissions. Well, search engine rankings get a bigger boost with niche and regional directory submissions.

Why? Here are the reasons:

  • Highly specific directories = Concentrated traffic inflow from relevant industries only
  • Better conversion rates
  • Geo-targeting made possible
  • Dominance over local area business networks = better brand value
  • Top rankings for niche keywords = better results for relevant but generic keywords too!
  • Blog directories + RSS feed directories = quality enhancement of brand value
  • Specific Countries, Specific languages and most popular Niche Directory = It will help to get better local search engine ranks with specific niche area.

Niche Directory Submissions :
  • Blog, RSS Feed, SEO, Business, Image, Video, Twitter Directory and many more...
  • Before placing your order, please choose your business nature as per your requirements.
  • More information, please Click Here.

Regional Directory Submissions :
  • United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Spanish, German Directory and many more...
  • Before placing your order, please choose your right region/language as per your requirements.
  • More information, please Click Here.

Dmoz Submissions :
  • We are providing Absolutely Free DMOZ Submission service with above mention Submission Packages.
  • With Most Suitable Category.
  • Get a Screen Shot after Submission as an Evidence.
  • More information, please Click Here.

Why Would You Want To Use Our Professional Directory Submission Services?

Well, we have our set of exclusive advantages. Feel the FindaSEOExpert.com edge:

  • Star 100% manual directory submissions to Top SEO directories with unique IPs.
  • Star Permanent one-way links from relevant niche industry base.
  • Star Targeted traffic inflow and better conversion rates.
  • Star Affordable yet efficient services.
  • Star Professional experts with separate experienced teams specializing in niche directory submissions and targeted link building campaigns.
  • Star Quick turnaround time and "Round-the-clock" after sales support.

Trust us, a better opportunity to have your site rank among the Top 10 on SERPs does not exist!

Choose the package that suits you best and give that Boost to your search engine rankings! Act before your rivals snatch away the glory!

If you have any query before placing your order, feel free to drop an email at info@findaseoexpert.com or call us at +919163864842.