Affordable Link Building Service - Get Links From Relevant Sites

Are you looking for an affordable, transparent and high-quality solution for getting SEO Friendly links from relevant sites and blogs ?

We offer you Pay Per Link to help you out.

Pay per Link is a fully customizable link building method. You can choose between 2-way or 3-way link exchange campaigns. Since you pay only for the links actually generated to your site, the service guarantees transparency coupled with cost effectiveness. No wonder, this is an efficient and naturally, highly sought-after mode of Search Engine Optimization.

Here are the other key benefit Pay per Link has on offer:

  • Meaningful search engine friendly links from relevant sites
  • All links are Anchor Text Links for maximum SEO effectiveness of our PayPerLink Service
  • Linking from pages cached by Google
  • We guarantee free replacement of links generated by us, if the same are removed within 6 months
  • You can give us a maximum of 5 different titles and descriptions. We use them at random to help you achieve the maximum SEO advantage
  • Chance to generate deep links, by get links to diverse inner pages of your site
  • Our trained in-house experts exchange the links fully manually

How Does The Service Work?

Simplicity and customizability are the hallmarks of our service. Here is the framework of the service:

  • You pay us a small fee for us to start working on your project
  • We create a resource page
  • We search most relevant sites to your business
  • We contact their webmasters via email
  • We establish connection with the Webmasters
  • We obtain a link to your site from their site
  • We provide a return link to them
  • Invoices are raised On generation of every 10 new links

We have two options for exchanging links:

Page Rank 0 Link Set up a resource page on your site to execute reciprocal link exchange.
Page Rank 0 Link Provide out bound links from another partner site to execute a 3-way link exchange.

You can provide us the partner site, or we can arrange for the same, subject to availability and additional set up fees. If you want us to provide you a partner site, please reach out to our experts at

Initially, you pay us only $25 USD as Set up fees. The rest of the payment will be made depending on the links we generate for you. This would depend upon the PageRank of the pages from which links are generated.


The prices of various Page Rank links are:

Page Rank 0 Link PR 0 - $3 USD per link
Page Rank 1 Link PR 1 - $5 USD per link
Page Rank 2 Link PR 2 - $7 USD per link
Page Rank 3 Link PR 3 - $9 USD per link

Once we receive your payment towards our set up fee, we will contact you to start providing you an unmatched link building experience.

Place your order now and watch your traffic stream swell!


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Pay Per Link

Rate: Only $25 USD
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Get The Additional Benefits:

  • Page Rank 0 Link Social Bookmarking of your web site in 20 Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites.
  • Page Rank 0 Link Submit your website in 20 SEO friendly Directories. absolutely FREE!!

But is Traditional Link Building Still Useful?

Many experts have lately discarded link exchange as obsolete and useless for various Search Engines. We are not impressed.

The method continues to be immensely useful for most of the sites we work with. Link exchange has been solely responsible for us achieving Top 10 positions in most Search Engines. The reason is you continue to need valuable inbound links from related websites to enhance your search engine rankings.

If you have any query before placing your order, feel free to drop an email at or call us at +919163864842.